• The Valby Project

    A metamorphosis of a typical old residential brick masonry building from 1899 - beautiful existing qualities are kept and new are added.

    With the Living in Light mindset and a simple grip the old dwellings are changed into full up-to-date modern dwellings with access to daylight and green areas. The concept is an opposite transparent ”L” that will enlarge the building to the courtyard side and in the top. Four new family dwellings will be created at the top and will replace the small existing penthouses. The existing dwellings will be enlarged with new living space and “summer gardens”.

    Nordström Kelly Arkitekter - Mölndal Project

    The Mölndal project focuses on “Living in Light” qualities as a mean to add new and different living qualities to a swedish “million programme” property, at the same time giving the area a new identity. Built in the periode 1965 – 1975, many swedish “million programme” properties all share some of the same characteristics: massive and uniform building envelopes and surroundings, built to contain affordable housing for the many, but not necessarily built to last. The Mölndal project shows convincingly, how a focus on near values, inner and outer qualities, and daylight, can reshape a whole living area - not only to the better, but to whole new living conditions.


    The BOX

    A unique Living in Light space is created and demonstrates the “summer garden” of the Valby Project. The summer garden is a zone between outside and inside. It acts as an extension to the existing indoor situation by incorporating nature to a much larger extend (daylight and fresh air). Outside and inside melt together and seasonal changes can be cherished to a much larger extend. The BOX shows new building solutions on indoor climate and energy performance and is carbon neutral.

    Reiulf Ramstad Architects – Living in Light studies

    This study experiments with light, space, building technology and materiality, aiming at challenging the way we live and construct in built urban areas. The study showcases how student accommodations can be added to existing constructions, in this case in the center of Copenhagen, experimenting with “Small Living” – integrating stairs with furniture, sitting space in window frames, amongst others. Are we to continue expanding the built environment in the cities, we have to rethink how we store our belongings and what we perceive as space. In this sense, light will have a huge impact on how we manipulate with spaces.

    Download study (PDF)

    Svendborg Architects – Living in Light studies

    3 buildings – 3 interpretations: with this study, three different but common building types in the danish council housing sector are analysed, focusing on adding “Living in Light” qualities. On “Solbakken”, Living in Light potentials are shown focusing on the interaction between inner and outer qualities through a landscape transition, increasing social relations through active landscape and living/built spaces, and increasing the access to daylight through a transition of the “inner“ to the “outer” spaces. On “Kildemosen”, Living in Light potentials are shown in rethinking the building envelope as a new “living space membrane”, adding extra and new types of homes financing the whole modernization, as well as adding new stairways lit on both sides. And finally on “Dæmningen”, Living in Light potentials are shown as increasing social relations between the residents and the near city environment, as well as adding new and different residences, and adding more daylight by reflecting it into the building through façade materials.

    Download study (PDF)